Based in Turkey, OPC is an independent policy research institution and solutions provider to humanitarian, governmental, and development bodies.

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Programs planning, management, and evaluation

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Why OPC ?

A one-stop shop

With its experience in project management and full in-house production staff, OPC can design, manage and implement a project from start to finish. Each project goes through several steps from the design phase to the final product, with donors and clients kept in the loop at every point.

Independent, agenda-free research

The long list of donors and institutional partners help OPC ensure neutrality. The funding from donors comes with no strings attached.

Innovation, not aggregation

Every publication, consultation, and study OPC produces is based on primary source material gathered by our researchers. OPC does not aggregate information or data for clients; rather, it collects and creates new data. OPC situates its work within the existing literature, ensuring that clients receive exclusive, original analysis.

A local perspective, an international team

OPC’s core team is made up both of Syrians who now live in France, the UK, Turkey, the US and New Zealand, as well as international researchers. The team’s deep networks within Syria, combined with their years working with clients abroad, helps them tailor impactful policy solutions.

An interdisciplinary approach

The OPC team is made up of economists, statisticians, sociologists, journalists, programmers, and civil society activists. OPC’s all-hands-on-deck approach means that each study and consultation is considered from every angle, creating a truly holistic final product.

Accessible, visually attractive information

No matter how rich the information, a blasé presentation significantly reduces its impact. OPC’s programmers, statisticians, and graphic designers are well-experienced in presenting the most significant findings, in intuitive, yet compelling visualizations.

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