What We Do 


In-depth research

Our research team draws upon deep networks within Syria and years of experience to create in-depth research projects for our clients, whatever their needs might be.


Context analysis

OPC helps organizations, governments and other bodies to predict the possible evolutions of the Syria crisis. No matter the scale of the problem—local or international— we can help signpost possible scenarios and probabilities for their occurrence.


Needs assessment

In order for humanitarian and development projects to be effective, they need to accurately assess where the need is greatest, and how best to address that need. OPC’s access to hard-to-reach areas helps our clients know the best way to reach and empower vulnerable populations.


Policy briefs

The environment in Syria is highly complex and is always changing. We provide policy briefs for our clients to illustrate exactly how their work—humanitarian or otherwise—will be affected by the latest developments.


Risk Management

For a program to be successful, clients have to know exactly the level of risk they are going up against. We help them assess and prepare for that risk to ensure that their projects to go through without a hitch.



We know how essential Monitoring and Evaluation is for any project, whether long or short-term. To help organizations obtain accurate MEAL information, we interface with beneficiaries and donors to create simple but effective measures for success over the lifetime of a project.