What we do


In-depth research

Our research team draws upon broad networks within Syria and years of experience to create in-depth research projects for our clients, whatever their needs may be. Our team uses statistical analysis software to extract meaningful data which supports our qualitative research and delivers our clients a more-comprehensive final product.


Policy briefs

The environment in Syria is precarious and complex. We provide policy briefs for our clients to illustrate how their work—humanitarian or otherwise—might be affected by the latest developments. Our focus on intuitive presentations using custom-made visualizations means that our clients’ intended audiences will remain engaged and informed by the material at hand.


Third-Party Monitoring (TPM)

Given the variety of security concerns present in the Syrian context, it is often difficult for international organizations to maintain a direct, on-the-ground presence throughout the life cycle of their projects. As such, OPC offers comprehensive (TPM) services, using our local network in addition to the latest monitoring and communication technologies to track projects in a transparent and timely fashion.


Context analysis

OPC helps organizations, governments, and other bodies to understand the situation on the ground and predict the possible evolution of the Syria crisis. We forecast future scenarios and plot them using custom-made, intuitive visualization tools.


Capacity Assessment

Whether to provide a baseline assessment before launching an intervention or to assess the capacity of local partners before implementing a project, OPC has long experience in conducting deep and informative capacity assessments of organizations of varying scales. All our capacity assessment reports are a mix of qualitative and quantitative data, as our research and statistical teams work in tandem to create robust benchmarks of target organizations.


Risk Management

For a program to be successful, clients have to know exactly the level of risk they are going up against. We help them assess and minimize that risk through rigorous modeling to ensure their projects go as smoothly as possible.


Monitoring: MEAL

We know how essential Monitoring and Evaluation are for any project, whether long- or short-term. To help organizations obtain accurate MEAL information, we interface with beneficiaries and donors to create simple but effective measures for success over the lifetime of a project. We ultimately create informative and accessible reports, relying on our long experience and in-house graphic designers.

cultural heritage

Antiquities Documentation

OPC has assisted archeological organizations in reconstructing antiquities that have been stolen, destroyed, or damaged throughout the course of the Syrian war. Using 3-D modeling software, OPC’s team has created interactive models of antiquities for recordkeeping and restoration purposes.