Visualizing Syria’s 2021 Budget

April 12, 2021

At first glance, Syria’s 2021 budget seems to be the most impressive yet, featuring a whopping 8 trillion Syrian pound (SP) spending package. However, once one gets past the sticker shock it becomes evident thatgiven the extent of the SP’s depreciationSyria’s latest budget is only a slight increase from the year prior.

Government spending is needed now more than ever, as the country spirals deeper into an economic crisis; even the most basic of goods and foodstuffs are now out of reach for most Syrian families. But despite the depth of the crisis, spending on social support programs has actually decreased in comparison to last year, perhaps as a function of Damascus’s shrinking revenue base and changing priorities 

OPC has obtained a line-by-line breakdown of the actual 2021 budget, as opposed to prior forecasts analyzing the budget proposalTo make a more digestible and useful research tool, OPC has visualized the data in the interactive dashboard presented below 

Click on the data to filter by year. Use the tool to compare the current 2021 budget to the 2020 budgetwith an easy-to-access detailed list of revenue and expenditures. Though expenditures and revenues are displayed as a percentage of the total budget, total amounts for each category can be easily found by calculating the percentage of a certain category relative to the total budget.

We hope you find the tool useful. If any feature is unclear, or you desire further analysis of the financial state in Syria, please contact us with your questions. 

To see the full interactive dashboard, click here.